The Smartest Ways to Make Your Resume More Appealing

If your resume looks funny and unprofessional, not one will read it. Here are tips to help you make your resume more appealing.

If you want to get that dream job, you must write a great resume. The resume must have the right information and most importantly, be appealing to the hiring manager. If it doesn’t look good or professional, no one will struggle reading it. Therefore, you should be careful on how your resume looks like. Here are tips to make your resume more appealing.

professional free resume template

Pick the right resume template

There are different resume templates you can use to write your resume. However, you should pick a professional free resume template with good margins and perfect layout. With the right template, your resume will have clear section headings, margins and enough white space. That way, you will just edit and enter your details neatly, and the resume will not just look amazing, but also professional.

Highlight important information

Your resume will have a lot of information. Although all the information is crucial, there is specific information related to the job you are applying for that tend to be more important. Therefore, you should highlight this information that show your accomplishments, experience, and qualifications. You can do that by bolding the text with the information you want to draw the attention of the hiring manager.

Use common fonts

There are different fonts styles and sizes you can use for your resume. However, you need to understand that this is an official document, and therefore, you need to stick to common fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri or Cambria. When you use other funny fonts, the document may look visually too busy, and will give the recruiter a hard time when reading it. Therefore, stick to easily readable fonts, and your document will look good.

Use bullets where necessary

When it comes to work experience, skills and other details, you need to use bullets when listing them. This will ensure that your resume has more white spaces. Also, bullet format makes the document look more organized and attractive.

Be concise

Very few employers will read a resume with bulky, never-ending paragraphs. Therefore, make your points brief and to the point. If the resume has bulky information, even skimming the document will be a challenge for the recruiter. More to that, the document will look disorganized, and it is likely to end up in the trash. To avoid that, use simple language and be brief. That will help avoid too many words that add no value to the resume.

Final Words

It’s not easy to write a resume that can help you get hired. But you can write one easily by using the right resume template and keep it brief. At, you will get a perfect professional resume template to help you write a more appealing resume. In addition to that, you can have customized professional resume written for you at the site. Therefore, for a great resume, use; the best online resume builder, and you will not be disappointed.