How to Create a Custom Online Ad in Minutes Using an Ad Maker!

Online ads have become essential in helping businesses promote their products and services in the competitive market. Besides, creative ads keep customers engaged, can create brand awareness and most importantly, can help grow your customers’ base. As such, you should learn how to make creative online advertisements that will capture the attention of your target customers and help increase the traffic to your selling page or website. To create or build best ads, you need an ad maker. Read on to learn how to make custom ads using an online ad builder.

Explore ad examples to get inspired

Once you choose the ad builder you want to use, the first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the platform, and learn how it works. After that, you need to check dozens of advertisement examples displayed on the platform. Best online advertisement builders have a collection of quality ad examples users can learn from. This will help you get the inspiration you need to get creative in designing your own ads.

Choose a template

After getting inspired, you need to go through the hundreds of advertisement templates available on the ad creator. You need to choose a template that will effectively pass your message to the target customers. Something unique that will be edited and be a reflection of your brand. It is advisable to take your time in choosing a template to ensure you pick a template that will hold all the details you want to feature on the advertisement.

Create captivating visuals with imagery and branding

Here is where you have to get creative and make an advertisement that will capture the attention of online users scrolling up and down on various platforms. You need to add a photo that will be the center of attraction. You can upload a photo from the ad maker gallery or from your desktop or phone gallery. After that, add branding details such as the logo, the color theme of your brand and a text describing your ad in simple words. Arrange the details in the right way so that it doesn’t look overcrowded.

Include a call to action and highlight it

The aim of the advertisement is to direct viewers to your website or selling pages. As such, include a conspicuous call to action at the bottom of the add. Hyperlink the call to action and use bold topography to ensure it is clickable and visible, respectively. For instance, if you are advertising products, a good example of a CTA is ‘SHOP NOW’.

Resize your ad

Most advanced online ad makers feature a resizing tool that make it easy to adjust the sizes of the ads. You just need to enter the custom size you want and the tool does the rest. You may also enter where you want to post the ad, and the tool will resize the ad based on the size requirements of the destination.

Share and publish your advertisement

Once you are done and confirm the advertisement has all the essential features, you need to save the design. You can then share it on your website, and any other platform of your choice. Then track its effectiveness in your online marketing campaign.

Final Words

You definitely need creative advertisements to boost your marketing campaign. It is now very easy to create advertisements online using ad makers. You just need to research, choose the best ad builder to use, and you will be ready to go. With the right ad maker app, you just need to follow the above steps, and you will make creative ads that will drive more customers and prospects to your selling page.