5 Tips for Setting Up Smart Home Security Cameras

With the surging technological advancements, our homes are now getting more sophisticated security cameras. These cameras help you to monitor activities that occur in your home, even from the comfort of your office chair. They are ideal for alerting you of any intruder that approaches your home at any time.

With your cameras on, you can control how deliveries are made at your doorstep and many other things while away.

However, these cameras cannot be useful if they are not correctly set up by a professional or yourself. We will provide tips for setting up smart home security cameras below. The tips will allow getting the best from your security cameras.


5 Tips for Setting Up Smart Home Security Cameras

With your security cameras at your disposal, you need to understand how to set them up so that they become effective. If your budget is low, there are cheap home security camera system that can work miracles. No expertise is needed, but you are good to go if you know the following tips for setting up smart home security cameras.

Don’t Hide Your Cameras

There is no need for you to hide your camera if you only intend to trace burglars. This is because when they plan to execute theft, they are likely to come to your home if they don’t see the Cameras. You can only hide your camera if you target a specific person who has been doing it outdoor.

Ensure your outdoor cameras are where somebody can see them because their presence only is enough to scare thieves.

Protect Other Doors

The layout of your home will influence the place that you will install your security cameras. Nevertheless, you need to identify specific and strategic areas the experts vouch for.

First of all, ensure you place cameras right in front of the door. This is because front doors see a lot of traffic as opposed to other doors. This is where deliveries pass through, and visitors enter through, and many more.

When your front door has cameras, you can easily monitor any intruder or manage other daily job-related activities. If your packages are mishandled, you can easily summon the driver for a better service.

Usually, intruders don’t use the front door. That means that the back doors are equally important if you want to secure your property. Ensure they are always locked when you don’t use them or when you are away. Other vulnerable spots are the under-ground floor windows that are on the sides. Burglars tend to use these hidden places to break through into your houses, ensuring you secure them in equal measure.

Set Up Motion Detection

Sometimes it is a daunting task to monitor your security cameras the whole day. You need to do other things to earn a living, and that is why you opt to install these security cameras. Therefore, it is paramount that you select cameras with this feature.

More sophisticated cameras allow you to set your camera’s field of view with spaces, making it easier to detect motion. These cameras can only alert you when someone approaches your door but are sensitive enough not to give alerts of a hen passing your yard.

Today we have cameras that you must pay to get more advanced features that can effectively secure your home. These cameras bring about high detection skills and can differentiate normal things and suspects as well. But as you can see here, you must break the banks or budget appropriately.

Another essential thing is that you should determine which activity you will monitor. With that information, you can activate the right feature when your smart camera is connected.

Ensure you Have  Power Source

You should not miss when planning to install your smart home security cameras as the power source. There are many types of security cameras in the market. You need to know precisely the kind of camera that you require before you purchase.

There are both battery-powered cameras and those that can connect to the nearby power outlet. Before you decide to buy battery-powered cameras because you want to avoid long power cables, check the weather. During the cold periods, the battery-powered wi-fi cameras drain the power quickly, and they cannot be the best choices.

Consider outdoor wi-fi security cameras that connect the radio band of 5GHz or 2GHz to reduce network congestion. A wireless range extender will assist you in getting your signal back if it gets affected.

Secure Your Accounts

The reason why you need these smart security system cameras is to help you tack happenings around your precious home. You need to understand these people who orchestrate a plan to break into your home have great minds. Therefore, ensure that your accounts are secure always. Intruders can easily corrupt your cameras, and this will expose your home even worse if you don’t properly secure them.

The first thing you should check to make sure you prevent a breach in your accounts’ security is to change any default passwords. Personalize everything to your passwords and avoid those simple passwords that these cameras come with.

Anybody can guess those passwords by reaching out on google and put your house at risk.

Another security idea you should remember to incorporate on your smart cameras like the Amazon and Nest is two-factor authentication. Smart cameras need complex passwords. For wi-fi connected cameras, ensure you secure the router with WPA2 encryption because sometimes you can forget as well.


We have equipped you with the tips for setting up smart home security cameras above. If you keenly observe the guidelines and tricks, you will get the best out of these devices. When you have your house secure, you always feel rejuvenated at work, and you are likely to work with ease. Your hard-earned properties will also be safe and secure.