10 Best Haircuts For Thinning Hair Women

Hair thinning is a major problem for women, whereby you get to lose hair on some parts of your skull. However, finding the best haircut for women is very challenging due to every woman’s different tastes and preferences. Getting a better haircut makes your hair look thicker, textured, and natural. A good haircut for thinning gives you a standard hair length slightly below your ear, making you look classical and beautiful. You might be wondering which is the best haircut for you. Well, worry no more because you are just in the right place. In this article, you will get the causes of hair thinning and the best haircuts to treat them.

Causes of Very Thin Hair

Numerous factors lead to hair thinning, some just natural, while others result from poor diet or health crises. Well, your hair is normal to lose its fullness as you get older. But apart from age, here are some of the main causes of hair thinning.

1. Genetic inheritance

Genes play a crucial role in partial hair loss in both men and women. It might just be a given if you and your family have a history of fine, thin hair. Men’s hair loss is most frequently caused by male pattern baldness. Even if you have fine, thin hair as a lady, it can just be genetics that causes hair to grow finely, become thinner with age, or fall out entirely. Although your hair may become thinner overall if you’re a woman, the condition isn’t likely to cause your hairline to recede or make you bald. In addition to having a receding hairline and balding, men are more prone to experience hair thinning towards the top of their heads.

2. Stress

Stress can cause your hair to be thin. When you go through something unpleasant, such as a difficult job, a divorce, or a death in the family, your growing hairs are forced into a resting phase rather than completing the development cycle. Your hair seems finer and thinner as a result. The good thing about this is that your hair regains its growth once you find peace with yourself, but it may take months.

3. The type of hairstyle

Some hairstyles have a negative impact on your hair. For example, you can get hair thinning or balding at the top of the head brought on by excessive pulling and braiding if you routinely use track hair extensions. Thinning can also result in excessive chemical treatments or severe style with heated styling tools, especially in people with fine, brittle hair.

4. Some medications

Some medications like blood thinners, birth control pills and antidepressants may lead your hair to thin or fall out for a period. If your hair changes after starting a new medicine, you should consult your doctor about switching to a more favorable type of medication to treat your problem.

Haircuts for Very Thin Hair

It is evident that thin hair is easily damaged and lacks hair volume, making it appear weak. You do not have to hate your hair for this, but you need to find a hairstyle that can fix your thinning hair. Below are some top hairstyles to adopt if you have hair thinning.

5. Layered Bob haircut

With a bob haircut, your short hair will always look fuller. This is one of the haircuts with a low-maintenance routine, making your thin hair look thicker.

6. Face framing bob haircut

This haircut is typical for those with a broad forehead and a round or square face. The face-framing haircut makes you look thinner, and your hair appears thicker and natural.

7. Faux Bob haircut

The faux bob is the perfect method to give thin hair more texture. With the aid of a curling iron and blow dryer, add numerous additional curls to the bob. Use texturizing thickening mousse to smooth out the curls.

8. Playful pixie haircut

You can easily do this simple hair cut at home by applying a thickening hair mouse to the hair and giving it a slight curly texture with your hands.

9. Textured Pixie Haircut

Heaps of curls and loose waves characterize this haircut. The pixie hair is relatively shorter despite being similar to the faux bob.

10. Twisted Messy pixie updo

Try a twisted pixie updo for a stylish and entertaining look. Above and beneath the head, divide your hair into smaller sections, softly backcomb each area, and pin the section in place.

11. Choppy pixie

This type of haircut works best for those with naturally thin textured hair. It was created by adding many small fringes around the templates and above the crown.

12. Long bob Curls hair cut.

Naturally, curly hair appears thicker. Some ladies prefer afro-textured hair because it appears thicker and bouncy. Add curls to your long bob if you have a thin appearance and want to make it more sensual.

13. Loose waves

The loose waves look perfect on any hair density and face. Use a hair mousse or thickening serum to damp your hair slightly, then use a curling iron to produce loose waves.

14. Tousled curls

This unkempt hair texture instantly works, giving your hair a thicker appearance.


A good haircut depends on your taste and preferences, its significance on your looks, and the maintenance cost. Hair thinning situations are treated with different haircut styles, which your hair practitioner recommends. A good haircut helps boost your confidence and makes you look beautiful. Therefore you cannot afford to get hair that does not suit your head.

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