10 Superb Lunch Catering Restaurants to Delight Your Taste Buds

The art of catering is a service that not only feeds our bodies but also nourishes our souls. Picking the right caterer can be a game-changer, transforming an ordinary event into a memorable experience. This blog post will take you on a mouth-watering journey through the top 10 lunch catering restaurants in San Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, as rated by Yelp in July 2023. So buckle up and get ready for a culinary adventure!

Whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party, or even just a regular office lunch, selecting the right caterer can make all the difference. From traditional Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta to lighter options like spaghetti with meatballs or bean and vegetable soup, these top-rated lunch caterers have got you covered.

Definition of Lunch Catering

Lunch Catering refers to the service of providing food and drinks for lunch at a specific location. This might be within an office or event setting. The caterer is responsible for preparing the food, serving it, and sometimes even setting up the dining area. It’s all about providing a hassle-free, delicious lunch experience.

Importance of Choosing the Right Lunch Catering Restaurant

Choosing the right lunch catering restaurant can significantly impact the success of your event. The quality of food, variety of options, professionalism of service, and ability to cater to dietary restrictions are all critical factors to consider. A good caterer can leave a lasting impression on your guests, making your event memorable.

List of 10 Superb Lunch Catering Restaurants

Now that we understand the importance of choosing the right caterer, let’s dive into our list of top-rated lunch catering restaurants in San Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles, California.

Restaurant #1: Central Market Catering, San Antonio, TX

Central Market Catering offers a varied menu that caters to all tastes. Their excellent food and professional service make them a perfect choice for any lunch catering needs. As one reviewer states, “The food is excellent, however the service and care of the employees is as professional as it gets.”

Restaurant #2: Scratch Kitchen, San Antonio, TX

Scratch Kitchen is known for their fresh, homemade meals. Their team has been perfecting their skills for over 30 years, providing high-quality catering services. One satisfied customer shared, “L K Catering has been around for 30 years. And in that time, the team has perfected every skill…”

Restaurant #3: Four Sisters Catering, San Antonio, TX

Four Sisters Catering is renowned for their attention to detail and their commitment to provide a first-class experience. A happy client said, “We recently trusted Alvarez Catering with a very important meeting and they were first class.”

Restaurant #4: Luna’s BBQ & More, San Antonio, TX

For those who love a good BBQ, Luna’s BBQ & More provides an authentic Texan BBQ experience. They go beyond “catering”, raising the bar for what a catering service should be.

Restaurant #5: Anne Marie’s Catering & Events, San Antonio, TX

With a focus on delivering great food and outstanding service, Anne Marie’s Catering & Events is a crowd favorite. A pleased customer shared, “I plan to have more meals delivered and, when we’re all out and about again, ask Chef Elena to cater.”

Restaurant #6: Bites & Bashes Catering, Los Angeles, CA

Bites & Bashes Catering offers a comprehensive service. One pleased customer said, “I am writing this review for what I hope is Bites and Bashes catering service. I was very pleased with every aspect of their catering service.”

Restaurant #7: Chubby Fingers Catering, Los Angeles, CA

Chubby Fingers Catering stands out for their unique vegetarian options. A happy client shared, “Ordered Chubby Fingers for lunch catering through my workplace and tried their vegetarian banh mi…”

Restaurant #8: HomeState Catering, Los Angeles, CA

HomeState Catering is loved for its home-style food and friendly service. A satisfied customer stated, “I love eating at HomeState and the catering service is just as good.”

Restaurant #9: Tuscan Son, Los Angeles, CA

Tuscan Son brings a taste of Italy to Los Angeles. Their catering service leaves customers happy and satisfied, with one saying, “We did the catering service and we couldn’t have been more happy with the quality of food.”

Restaurant #10: Noah’s Cafe & Catering, Los Angeles, CA

Noah’s Cafe & Catering is known for their responsiveness and reliability. One impressed customer said, “I reached out to him on a Thursday for a company lunch on Friday and he was super responsive.”


There you have it, a comprehensive guide to the top 10 lunch catering restaurants in San Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles, California. Each one has earned its place on this list through exceptional food, professional service, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Recap of the Listed Lunch Catering Restaurants

We’ve explored a variety of lunch catering options, from Central Market Catering’s diverse menu in San Antonio, Texas, to Bites & Bashes Catering’s comprehensive service in Los Angeles, California. Each restaurant offers something unique, whether it’s Scratch Kitchen’s homemade meals, Four Sisters Catering’s attention to detail, or Luna’s BBQ & More’s authentic Texan BBQ experience.

Encouragement to Explore These Restaurants for a Delightful Experience

Regardless of the occasion or your location, we encourage you to explore these superb lunch catering restaurants for a delightful experience. Whether you’re planning a corporate event in San Antonio or a casual lunch gathering in Los Angeles, these caterers promise to deliver a memorable culinary experience that will leave your guests impressed and their taste buds satisfied.

Remember, the importance of choosing the right caterer cannot be overstated. The food you serve at your event can create lasting impressions, making your event memorable. So, take your time, do your research, and choose the caterer that best suits your needs and preferences. Happy dining!