Maximizing the Benefits of DoorDash’s Large Order Program

Ever wondered how you can make the most out of your food delivery experience? With DoorDash’s Large Order Program, you can! In this blog post, we will delve into the specifics of this program, its benefits, and how you can maximize them. So, if you’re a foodie or someone who frequently orders food for large groups, this one’s for you!

DoorDash, a popular food delivery service, offers a program called the ‘Large Order Program’ which is targeted towards individuals who often place larger orders. These could be families, offices, or even party organizers. However, to reap the maximum advantages of this program, one needs to reach a certain status- the Top Dasher status.

Understanding DoorDash’s Large Order Program

The Large Order Program is designed to facilitate easier and more efficient deliveries for orders that exceed $30. The Top Dasher status is awarded to dashers who meet specific criteria set by DoorDash, which include maintaining a customer rating of at least 4.7, an acceptance rate of at least 70%, a completion rate of at least 95%, and having completed at least 100 deliveries in the last month as well as a minimum of 200 lifetime deliveries.

Benefits of DoorDash’s Large Order Program

Being a Top Dasher comes with its own set of perks, which not only improve the overall delivery experience but also offer exclusive benefits.

Convenience of Large Orders

One of the prominent advantages of being a Top Dasher is the convenience it offers when placing large orders. With the priority scheduling feature, Top Dashers get precedence over other dashers when the same order is available. This means that your food gets to you quicker, ensuring it arrives hot and fresh.

Variety of Food Choices

The Large Order Program also allows you access to a wide array of restaurants and cuisines. You can order different items from multiple restaurants and have them all delivered at once. This is particularly useful when ordering for a group with diverse food preferences.

Time-Efficient Delivery

As a Top Dasher, you also benefit from efficient delivery times, especially with high-value orders. Top Dashers get priority over other drivers for orders of $30 or more, which means less waiting time for you.

Accessibility to Numerous Restaurants

Top Dashers also have the edge of gaining access to a larger number of restaurants, including those that are highly sought after or have exclusivity agreements with DoorDash. This gives you the chance to taste unique dishes from a vast array of eateries.

Cost-Effectiveness for Group Orders

Another key benefit of the Large Order Program is cost-effectiveness for group orders. Since the delivery fee is usually a flat rate, placing larger orders can essentially help you save on delivery costs. This makes it an ideal choice when ordering for parties, events, or large office lunches.

How to Maximize the Benefits of DoorDash’s Large Order Program

Now that we’ve understood what the Large Order Program is and its benefits let’s dive into how you can maximize these benefits.

Tips on Placing Orders Effectively

Plan your orders in advance, especially for large groups. This not only ensures that everyone gets what they want but can also help you avoid peak hours when delivery times may be longer. Also, always remember to review your order before placing it. This simple step can save you from accidental mishaps like ordering the wrong item or forgetting to add something.

Suggestions to Optimize Food Choices

When ordering from multiple restaurants, try to choose ones that are close together. This not only helps ensure quicker delivery times but also keeps your food fresh. Also, consider the cuisine and the type of food when placing large orders. Some foods travel better than others, so it’s wise to choose dishes that won’t get soggy or lose their freshness during transit.

How to Plan Ahead for Timely Delivery

Use the ‘Dash Now’ feature to get your food faster. As a Top Dasher, you can use this feature anytime, giving you the liberty to order whenever you want without worrying about availability. It’s also beneficial to schedule your deliveries ahead of time, especially during busy hours or weekends, to ensure your food arrives when you want it to.

How to Use the Program for Events and Gatherings

The Large Order Program is perfect for events and gatherings. You can cater to all tastes by ordering from various restaurants, and by scheduling your delivery in advance, you can make sure your food arrives right when you need it. Plus, you’ll save on delivery fees by placing one large order instead of multiple smaller ones.


DoorDash’s Large Order Program offers numerous benefits to its Top Dashers, ranging from priority scheduling to cost-effectiveness for large orders. By understanding these benefits and learning how to maximize them, you can improve your food delivery experience while saving time and money. So, why wait? Start planning your next big order today!

Summarizing the Benefits and Maximizing the Use of DoorDash’s Large Order Program

From the convenience of large orders to timely deliveries, the Large Order Program has a lot to offer. But to trulymake the most of it, you need to strategize – plan ahead, optimize your food choices, and use the program to cater for events and gatherings. With these tips in mind, you are well on your way to maximizing the benefits of DoorDash’s Large Order Program. So go ahead, place that large order, sit back and enjoy the convenience that comes with being a Top Dasher!