Tips on building the perfect CV template

The CV is the shortened form for curriculum vitae. It is the document that is expected to speak in glowing tribute on your behalf before the hiring managers for that job that you earnestly desired. The competition for places is tough. It is only the CVs that come with the trappings of excellence that will make the desired headway in the race for recognition.

What not to include in your CV

We are going to kick start this informative article that will be a useful guide for job seekers by taking a look at what job seekers are expected to exclude from their CV. The exclusion of irrelevant info on your CV will help focus on the main issues.

  • Photo of yourself: It is strongly advised that you exclude your headshot from your CV. It will add no meaningful value to your chances of securing the job.
  • Age and date of birth: The natural stats that have to do with your biography should not be included in your application. What you needed to achieve effective results that mattered should not go beyond your job profile. If dates are to come in, they should be related to your job experience.
  • Marital status: What is required is about you and your ability on the job. Bring in your status in marriage into your CV will not add any value to your interest. Your ability on the job has nothing to do with your marital status.

CV template

We shall no go into the business of how to put together a perfect template for your CV that will make you stand out amid the crowded pack.

  1. The resume type

The first and foundational step that you are expected to take in other to achieve the results which in your best interest is to select a particular resume type that you are going to need in other to achieve the results which you are going to be proud of.

The choice can be any of chronological, functional, or a combination of the two. You can decide to opt for a targeted resume. When you invest your time to decide on which type of format and approach to use; you are laying a solid foundation that will make your CV stand out amid the crowded pack. Time invested in doing this is never a waste.

  1. Font size

After choosing the perfect resume type; the next challenge is to decide on the font size that will make your resume readable. There are several font sizes that you can choose from. It is best to choose a legible one among the options that will not serve as overkill.

If you choose 20 as your font size for instance; you have already disqualified yourself because that will not serve a useful purpose. Make use of legible fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. The size should not be too small. The range between 10-12 will serve a useful purpose.

  1. Your formatting

You must apply a uniform formatting system all through your CV. If you begin with the use of bullet points t describe your achievements; make sure you stick to it to the very end. This will make your CV organized and it will stand out amid the pack. There should be consistency in your use of bold and italics as well.

  1. The focus

What the recruiting manager wants to see in the main is your professional ability. We began with what you are not to include in your CV; it is worth emphasizing here again that you are expected to include only stats that will prove your professional ability and competence ahead of all other things. If you are a fresh applicant, then the CV should not be more than two pages.

  1. Refresh it

It is never a waste of your time if you periodically take a look at your resume and go ahead by adding some important updates to it. Do not leave out any achievement that you have gotten in your CV. It will go all the way to enhance your chances of landing the job.

  1. Resume examples and templates

We are in the digital era whereby you can achieve virtually anything you desire by accessing info on them online. There are killer resumes online that you can use to achieve the best that will give you the edge when push comes to shove. All you needed is simple editing work and you are going to come up with a perfect resume. When you go for the best template online; it will help you in formatting your resume.

  1. Be creative

For those that are in the creative field, there are free resume websites that can be used to build a creative resume. This will go as far as including videos in the resume. It must be stated here that this is necessary only for those that are in the creative industry. If that is not for you; then you should stick to a traditional resume as explained above.

  1. Edit your resume 

If your aim of achieving the best results is to be achieved; then you must make assurances doubly sure that you present something free of all forms of errors. Take it through Grammarly to ensure that all the loose ends are tidied.

  1. Check again before you send

Make use of a resume checklist to ensure that all the loose ends are tidied up. This will help in making assurances doubly sure that you are going to achieve the best results on offer that will confer authority on your resume.


You can achieve the best results that will add the spark to your resume amid thousands that are competing with you. All that you will need have been described through the steps above.