How to title your cover letter

The competition for places in the job market is getting tough with each passing day. When a large number of applicants are chasing few job spaces around; it becomes the survival of the fittest to get a slot in the few available spaces.

What is a cover letter?

This is the term that is used when reference is being made to the application letter. It is the name of the file that is used to save your cover letter among the sea of applications that are competing with the job with you. With an excellent cover letter title, it will make it pretty easy for the hiring manager to sort out your application amid the pile.

cover letter

Why do need a creative cover letter title? What you are about reading goes into the fuller details involved.

  • There is always a pile of cover letters

For every job that people apply for, there are thousands of applications waiting to be considered. How do you make your way to the top amid the huge pile of applications? If you can appropriately put the title in your cover letter; you are going to find yourself at the top.

The title of the cover letter will do one of two things. It will either make you or mar you as the case might be. We shall let you into the secret of how to professionally title your cover letter. If you know how to join the lines together; you are going to gain attention amid the pile of applications.

Now, how best can you title your cover letter? The following tricks will be of help.

  • Your name

The pile of applications is very huge in most cases. Therefore, it is advised that you devise a means of setting out your file amid the pack. This will guard against all forms of confusion that might want to come up along the line.

The hiring manager will not open your cover letter before he or she knows who is before him. When you use your whole name; you are going to nail the coffin completely on the head. If doing that will be problematic because of your long name; then use the initials of your first name and go one to write the others in full.

  • Use more than your name

No stone should be left unturned in other to achieve the edge over other competitors. You can add some extra details to your name in other to stand out. How? Simply add the title of the job you are applying for or the name of the company and you will surely stand out amid the pack.

If you are dealing with a very long title, then it is advised that you use hyphens to make titles that are long easier to read. The recruiting manager might not have the time to go through a long title. This will be an anticlimax to your aims if it is not properly handled.

Let us take a look at two practical examples

Wrong: Emmanueulsundaycover letter

Right: E-Sunday-Cover-Letter-Content-Writer

The difference between the correct format and the wrong format can be seen above. It will be easy for the recruiting manager to pick out the name with hyphens amid the crowded pack.

  • Consistency

You are going to attach several documents to your application. The way you handle the name will determine what you are going to make out of your application. There should be an agreement between your resume and your cover letter. Make sure you use the same in both cases. It will make it easy to identify all the documents that belonged to one single application.

  • Be professional

This is a formal letter. All forms of informal approach in the name should be avoided. You might consider this a light matter, but experiences on the field go to show the contrary. In practical cases; some applications come with some bizarre name tags. Take a look at this:


The above will kill the entitled content of the application. It makes no sense and is of no use to your vested interests. Make sure you declutter your cover letter title. You must make assurances doubly sure that you get your spelling right before you put a final seal on the name.

  • Save your cover letter

After you have dotted the lines of your cover letter by taking the steps explained above; it is important to ensure that you properly save the document in the name that you have professionally created for your file. It is advised that you save it in PDF.

It is the best you can get that will go all the way to put a seal of protection on your application. When someone is carrying out the formatting of the system or carrying out editing work on the file; there will be no room for margin of error.


The name given to your file will either make or mar your chances. All that you needed to achieve the best that will make your application unique amid the offers that are online have been described above. They are sure steps that will brand out your application amid the sea of online applications.