6 Worst Mistakes You Should Avoid When Writing a Resume

Writing a great resume isn’t that easy. To help you write a perfect one, here are 6worst resume mistakes you should avoid.

When applying for a job, your resume will play a big role. It is one of the main things that will determine whether you get hired or not. Therefore, you should write a great resume to increase your chances of getting hired. Writing a good resume isn’t that easy. You need to learn a few tips and avoid some of the worst mistakes to write a great resume. To help you, here are the 6 worst mistakes you should avoid when writing a resume.

Writing a Resume

1/  Typos and grammatical errors

The worst mistake you can do when applying for a job is a sending a resume with typos and grammatical errors. That creates a wrong impression of you to the hiring manager, and it will definitely effect your chances of getting the job. Therefore, before you send your resume to the employer, first proofread the resume and edit to remove all the typos and correct all the grammatical errors.

2/  Lack of specifics

You are not the only person applying for that job, and that should make you write a resume with specifics that show why you are the right person for the job. Make the hiring manager understand what you have done and achieved in the past. Don’t just give general statements, give specifics. For instance, ‘Recruited, hired, trained and supervised a sale team that increased the company’s sales by 20% in 2017/18 financial year’… not… ‘supervised the sale team’.

3/  Writing a bad summary

Most people prefer too general and overused statements when writing career summary. However, you should not do this mistake. Write a summary that is specific to the needs of the employer. This will show the hiring manager that you understand their needs and you will help the company meet those needs or goals.

4/  Not using action verbs

You need to show the recruiter or hiring manager you are the right person by using simple words as well action verbs. Many people make a mistake of using words like ‘responsible for’, but you should use words that show off your initiative. Words like, developed, resolved, increased, accomplished, managed, led, among other persuasive verbs, will make a big difference.

5/  Leaving important information

Many people leave out information of the jobs they handled while in school, volunteer jobs or internships. You are forgetting that you gained skills when handling these jobs, and maybe some of the skills you gained are very important to the employer. Therefore, include all relevant information, showing both your technical and soft skills.

6/  Picking wrong format and font

If your resume is visually too busy with crazy layout and different fonts, it will most likely give the recruiter a headache. Therefore, go for professional layout and fonts. Just get a free resume template word online and use it to write a more professional resume with the right format and fonts. At ResumesStore.com, you will find a wide range of professional resume templates to help you write a great resume.

Final Words

With the above information, you will avoid some of the worst mistakes that make resumes cheap. But you don’t have to do all that when writing a resume. Just get resume templates at ResumesStore.com, and you will write a professional resume that will increase your chances of getting hired.